14 Person Combat Action Archery

14 Person Combat Action Archery

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6 Combat Action Archery Bow Package
8 Combat Action Archery Bow Package
10 Combat Action Archery Bow Package
12 Combat Action Archery Bow Package
14 Combat Action Archery Bow Package 


What's included:

- Combat Action Archery bow & foam-tipped arrows
- Bunkers for field set-up
- Protective gear for your safety 
- Targets for competitive gameplay.  
- A game coordinator who will:
      - Deliver & set up everything, 
      - Go over all the safety rules
      - Referee the games

How do you play Combat Action Archery?

Combat Action Archery is a new sport that combines archery with dodge-ball. Our special combat bows allow players to use safe foam-tipped arrows. Players are tested in their ability to aim, shoot, dodge, run, and think quickly on the move. This exciting game will get your heart pumping and will bring out your inner competitiveness. Combat Action Archery is a great family-fun game for all ages.

- Birthday Parties- Team Building - Corporate Events - Family Picnics - Schools - Churches - Sports Teams - Kids- Adults -  

Our Safety Ref Team will deliver everything to your location.

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